Coffee Services

Coffee Services

Single Cup Brewing Systems

The Keurig single-cup brewing system makes the perfect cup of coffee without the mess of grinding coffee beans or loading grounds into coffee filters.

Traditional Brewing Systems

Creative Refreshments,Inc offers multiple options for your company’s break room. Our service caters to the large call center or the small office.

Specialty Systems

Creative Refreshments offers Specialty brewing systems for Cappuccino and hot chocolate etc…


Coffee Equipment

Creative Refreshments, Inc offers 2 and 3 Burner Automatic & Pour-over Brewers, as well as airpot and thermal models.

Pour-over Brewers:
Requires no plumbing, completely portable. Just pour cold water in top and coffee brews immediately. Ideal for smaller offices.

Bunn VPR:
pour-over 2 warmers
Dimensions: 20.7”H x 16.2”W x 8” D
Bunn VP17-3 Lower: Low profile
pour-over brewer with 3 lower warmers
Dimensions: 17.8”H x 16.4” W x 17.7”D

Automatic Brewers:
These brewers are for higher volume accounts when speed and convenience are essential. Brews a fresh pot at a push of a button. Automatics are plumbed in from an existing water source. Filters recommended on all automatic brewers.

Bunn VLPF: Low profile automatic brewer with 2 warmers
and hot water faucet
Dimensions: 17.4”H x 23.5” W x 13.1” D
Bunn CWTF-3 Lower: Automatic brewer with 3 lower warmers/hot water
faucet and a back-up pourover feature.
Dimensions: 17” H x 16.5”W x 17.7”D
Bunn CWTF-3: Automatic brewer with 3 warmers, and hot water faucet
Space saving at 8.5” wide.
Dimensions: 18.9”H x 8.5”W x 17.8”D
Bunn CWTF-APS: Airpot coffee brewer/Hot water faucet available
Dimensions: 23.6”H x 9”W x 18.5”D
Convenient thermal airpots keep coffee hot and fresh for hours

Single Cup Brewing Systems

It’s never been easier to brew the perfect cup of coffee in under a minute! Choose from five different brew sizes- 4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 10oz. or 12 oz. The B150 has a touchscreen interface, with the option of having a pour-over water reservoir holds (18 cups of coffee), or a direct water line plumbed unit.Dimensions: 13 7/8” H x 10 3/8 “ W x 14”D

Cappuccino and Venus

FMD-3: 3
The 2 or 3 select cappuccino machine is perfect for convenient stores, bakeries, and large offices. Large easy- to- fill translucent hoppers hold 4 lbs of product each, ensuring quick and timely refilling.
Dimensions: 30”H x 11.3” W x 23.3” D
The Venus machine is the perfect solution for your office breakroom, convenience store or car dealerships. This machine accomodates 8, 10, or 12 ounce cups. It offers 12 drink selections, which include coffee, decaf, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and lattes.
Dimensions: 20.5”H x 15”W x 16”D
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